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Cigarette lighter adapter..
Ex Tax: £43.00
Full scrim, single (3/4 stops)..
Ex Tax: £9.00
Gel filter set, neutral density (fits new classic barn door)..
Ex Tax: £15.00
Heat filter..
Ex Tax: £54.00
Light head, 650W tungsten..
Ex Tax: £565.00
Transport case (DedoPAR, Direct/Soft)..
Ex Tax: £415.00
Imager projection attachment, universal..
Ex Tax: £585.00
Gel filter set, mixed orange (fits new Series 400 barn door)..
Ex Tax: £20.00
Transport case (KAC and KA1)..
Ex Tax: £354.00
DSOCTD OCTODOME DAYLIGHT KIT 400/575W W/Case, Soft light head, 400/575W daylight, 400/575 W daylight..
Ex Tax: £3,523.00
SM24-300 MONO 150W 24V HALOGEN KIT, DLHM4-300E+ Aspherics² light head,, For onboard dimming with kn..
Ex Tax: £503.00
200D 1 x Hard HARD CASE KIT, Light head 200W daylight/tungsten, Electronic ballast, 200W, Light hea..
Ex Tax: £2,906.00
Battery belt 12V/8,5Ah, NiMH w/ electr. discharge guard..
Ex Tax: £834.00
Dichroic graduated ND gray glass filter (three stops)..
Ex Tax: £49.00
12" (30cm) Pocket Reversible White/Silver..
Ex Tax: £14.00
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