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KDP400KFS Imager Kit, Condenser, Framing shutter assembly, Projection lens holder, Imager projection..
Ex Tax: £932.00
SENIOR SOFT KIT STANDARD, 300W Soft Bag, Soft light head, 1000W tungsten, Grid, fits medium soft box..
Ex Tax: £1,019.00
Wide angle Zoom & Fixed Lens Kit, Imager projection attachment w/o lens, Imager zoom lens, 70-120mm,..
Ex Tax: £544.00
Battery belt 12V/5Ah, NiCad..
Ex Tax: £608.00
Graduated scrim..
Ex Tax: £13.00
Gel filter set, color effect (fits new classic barn door)..
Ex Tax: £50.00
Blinding Gobo "M" size..
Ex Tax: £10.00
Power supply/control unit for DLH436..
Ex Tax: £679.00
Dichroic graduated ND gray glass filter (two stops)..
Ex Tax: £52.00
Projection lens holder..
Ex Tax: £52.00
Soft light head, 200W daylight/tungsten..
Ex Tax: £518.00
Transport case (K200-3)..
Ex Tax: £488.00
Soft case, extra large w/ wheels..
Ex Tax: £491.00
K12M MASTER 100W 12V, Aspherics² light head, 100W/150W tungsten, Power supply/control unit 4 x 12V/..
Ex Tax: £3,261.00
S5B BASIC INTERVIEWER KIT, DLHM4-300E+ Aspherics² light head,, For onboard dimming with knob, Soft ..
Ex Tax: £3,165.00
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